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Texas School Survey Instrument


Before answering the survey questions in this booklet, please read the following:

  • I am aware that the survey questions I am answering are designed to measure drug and alcohol use, that I will be asked questions about student attitudes and behaviors that relate to substance abuse issues, and that over 200,000 students all over Texas will be taking this survey;
  • I know that I do not have to take this survey and that I can skip any question that I do not choose to answer for any reason without any consequences;
  • I know that there is no way for anyone to find out which survey that I answered, that the numbers on the questionnaire books are used only to identify which pages go together after the booklets are cut and cannot be used to tell who answered the questions; and
  • I am voluntarily participating in the Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use.

We will do everything we can to keep others from knowing about your participation in this study and how you answered the survey. The researchers will use a Certificate of Confidentiality to prevent anyone from finding out which survey students answered. The Certificate does not keep you or your family members from deciding to release information about yourself, or your participation in this study.

This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board --- Human Subjects in Research, Texas A&M University. For research-related questions regarding subjects' rights, the Institutional Review Board may be contacted at (979) 458-4067 or