The Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use collects self-reported tobacco, alcohol, and substance use data among students in grades 7 through 12 in Texas public schools. The survey is sponsored by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and administered by the Public Service and Administration (PSAA). The Texas School Survey is offered to all schools throughout the state on an annual basis. PSAA actively recruits about 20% of Texas public schools with grades 7 through 12 to participate in the statewide assessment during the spring of even-numbered years. These schools are randomly selected --schools are not selected based on student demographics or other characteristics.

The anonymous survey is available in English or Spanish, and can be completed on paper or online. Schools randomly selected in the statewide sample receive a $500 payment and survey materials for FREE. They also have the option to receive campus and/or district level reports (may be additional cost for district reports).

How will the survey benefit my school?

Provides data UNIQUE to YOUR campus!

Schools have the opportunity to receive a campus level report detailing survey findings, which are useful for informing and developing:

  • Grant applications
  • School board presentations
  • Campus improvement plans
  • District programs

What do you get when you use the Texas School Survey?

  • Flexibility
    • YOU choose the date (December through end of school year)
    • YOU choose the format (paper or online)
    • YOU choose the time (limit administration to class period or subject area)
  • Convenience
    • Takes only one class period to complete (about 40 minutes)
    • Materials packaged in classroom envelopes for easy dissemination
    • Final reports delivered in electronic format
  • Support
    • PSAA works with your Survey Coordinator throughout the entire survey process
  • Informative data
    • State, Regional, District, and/or Campus Reports available*.
    • * District and Campus Reports may require surveying greater numbers of students.
Texas School Survey Services
Product Description Cost
Survey Materials Paper or online (grades 7-12) in English or Spanish with administration instructions FREE for schools in state sample; for all other schools-$200 base fee plus $1.25 per student for paper or $0.50 per student for online
Complete Report Executive Summary, Campus and State Level Results Included in participation
District Level Analyses Complete report at district level Contact PSAA for a quote
Custom Survey Questions Maximum of 30 $300 base fee plus $10 per question
Additional Data Analyses Custom report Contact PSAA for a quote