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Testimonials from districts and communities regarding the usefulness of the Texas School Survey data

"At Texans Standing Tall, we aim to create healthier and safer communities by making alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs irrelevant in the lives of youth. The Texas School Survey is essential to our work because it shows us student alcohol and other drug use rates as well as student perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes. Additionally, because the Texas School Survey has been conducted for many years, we are able to observe trends and patterns in student alcohol and other drug use over time. All of this information is helpful to us as we try to understand the many factors that influence youth substance use in Texas. Using the data, we are able to select appropriate prevention strategies to reduce youth substance use and monitor changes over time across the state."

- Carlee McConnell, Texans Standing Tall

"The Texas School Survey (TSS) is one of the most useful tools that we have. We are constantly evaluating whether students' statistics have improved or decreased in regards to the various programs that we enact. We have no other survey that encompasses the number of students that the TSS covers. We not only use the reports internally but also externally whenever community support is needed for our prevention programs. It is very effective when we explain how the information is captured not only district wide but also state wide. Having the surveys' history over many years is important to see the changes, especially as new substance abuse products are introduced in the survey and in the community.

The TSS is the best road map we have to determine how best to marshal our resources to help make our community a safer and healthier environment for our youth!"

- Alvis Reeves, IMPACT Navarro Coalition Coordinator, Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. (DPRI)

Examples of Final Survey Results

Statewide Results

The results of district assessments are presented in Part I: District Results, while results from the statewide assessment are presented in Part II. The formatting of these two reports is identical so that participating districts are able to make direct comparisons with data generated from the statewide sample of districts, thus giving some context to the district data. In addition, the number of sampled districts statewide has been increased over the past two assessments so as to provide a comparable regional element to compliment the district and state ones, thus providing even further context.

Grades 7-12

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These link is to a copy of the most
recent Statewide Report.

District Executive Summary

Salient or statistically significant data from the district reports are contrasted with statewide results in a narrative format in Part III: Executive Summary. This summary also presents graphics that may be easily converted into overheads or PowerPoint programs for use in presentations. This component is useful for press releases and presentations to school boards and community groups.

Grades 7-12

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The 1998-2022 Texas School Survey datasets are available in SAS, Stata, SPSS, and Excel for public use. Please consult the aggregate codebook and methodology reports below to ensure accurate use and interpretations. Importantly, variations in question wording and/or labels should be addressed if appending datasets. The PSUs are not included for privacy reasons. As such, standard errors will be smaller than those that account for PSU. Additionally, please use the following citation when using the data.

Wood, S. M., Marchbanks, M. P., Dyer, J., Seibert, A.L., Peairson, S, & Baker, C. (2023). Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use 1998 – 2022 [Data file and code book]. Available from the Public Service and Administration Website:

**For record keeping purposes, we would also sincerely appreciate an email to, informing us that the data are being used.

Aggregate Codebook 1998-2022










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